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How can I help with the Cancer Society?


Dear Doc,

I am not one to be in organizations, to hold big discussions and things like that, but I wish if I could help with the Cancer Society. I live in Bequia and the Cancer Society is on the mainland. How can I help?{{more}}


Dear Mary-Ann,

To be honest, I am not one for formal meetings all the time. I like to be in the trenches, actually implementing the plans and ideas of the Society. Rest assured that you are not alone, as there are more like us out there. We are the majority.

The work in cancer awareness is not vested in a group of persons who meet once in a while to discuss ideas, but rather it is in every individual who wants to make a difference in everyone they encounter. The real work is meeting people individually and reminding them of their own responsibility for their own health. This can be done in your household, among your friends and colleagues. There is no demand that persons address a large crowd to give information or making it into the news or newspaper to make it known that they care about the health of others.

The population in Bequia would allow you to appreciate how rather easy it is to share valuable information informally, but yet effectively. I encourage you to start with the persons close to you and simply let them know of the importance of preventative measures and regular health assessments. There is no need to be versed on the nature of cancer or how it is diagnosed or treated. All you have to do is get persons aware and encourage them to see their health care professional. Don’t believe that you will convince someone to make changes overnight, but simply sow the seed of awareness and be sure it will blossom.


SVG Cancer Society,
P.O. Box 709, Kingstown.