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Why the long wait for the development of vaccines and treatments for cancer?


Dear Doc,

Why does it seem to be taking so long for the development of vaccines and treatments for cancer?{{more}}


Dear Maxwell,

There are many reasons for this long wait. Indeed, there has been significant development in this area over the past decade. The hurdles are funding and medical ethics.

The truth is that everyone would love to have free cancer treatment, but development and administration of cancer treatment is not free. Funding for cancer research is essential for developing new vaccines and treatment. With so many other health issues requiring funding, monies for cancer research have dwindled and therefore a breakthrough may take longer.

The concept of ethics in research has slowed the rate at which we see new drugs and vaccines on the market. There are strict protocols which guide how products are experimented with. It ensures that research subjects are protected and not exposed without consent and safety mechanisms. It ensures that persons are not used for trials and discriminated against because of race, economic class or other classifications.

New developments are always coming forth, but the expectations of people are also increasing. We are now better at preventing, diagnosing and treating cancers today than we were fifty years ago and that is a significant achievement.

Support cancer research and do your own by helping to educate the people around you about cancer prevention and general awareness.