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Is there a conspiracy theory for cancer treatment?


Dear Doc,

I think that there is a conspiracy theory out there, man. Only poor people are dying from cancers. I believe there are cures for these things and only the so-called rich and famous benefit. It will be hard to convince me otherwise.{{more}}


Dear Don,

Anyone is welcome to consider the existence of a conspiracy with reference to cancer treatment and cures. Like all theories, there must be some evidence to ponder on.

The case that rich and famous people benefit from cancer treatment over the poor seems only true in view of the fact that with extra monies lying around, they can source the best available treatment. Beyond that, it is known that many of the world’s rich and famous die of cancers and at a young age too, which does not favour the conspiracy.

Conspiracy theories are always interesting and can get a strong following, because people love to partake in unmasking a monster. What is interesting, though, is that with the knowledge of cancer risk associated with smoking, people still smoke; many women don’t do annual pap-smears; many men don’t have their prostate examination annually; and neither have their regular breast examinations.

We have to work on the evident and obvious first, because it is the monster that has already been unmasked.


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