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Would knowledge of Cancer of the uterus in the family prevent its development?


Dear Doc,

My schoolmate from many years ago has been diagnosed with Cancer of her uterus.{{more}} She told me that she can remember her grandmother being very ill, when she was a girl, with what was most likely cancer of her uterus. Would knowledge of what her granny died of have helped prevent her from developing the same cancer?


Dear Marva,

In medicine, history means everything and with cancers it has greater value. Many cancers have link with families. If a close biological family member is diagnosed with a cancer, it does not mean that you will definitely develop cancer, but it means that your chances are higher when compared to someone who does not have a family history.

With a known family history of cancer of the uterus, we would expect female members of the family to be vigilant and takes measures to prevent diagnosis and or have early diagnosis, which carries the possibility of a cure. Many women use the option of having a hysterectomy after they have had all desired children and attained the age of 35, when there is a strong family history of cancer of the uterus.

It is important that family history of cancers be recorded and made known to members, as it is a powerful tool in fighting cancer.

Fighting an enemy with a face makes it a bit easier.