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Why doesn’t my doctor ask me if I had a pap-smear?


Dear Doc,

If having a pap-smear every year is so important, why doesn’t my doctor ask me if I had one or tell me to get one done annually?{{more}}


Dear Camille,

Your experience is not unusual. Many females visit their doctors multiple times a year for different medical reasons and are never asked if they are having regular pap-smears.

A reason for this may be because the doctor doesn’t himself or herself do pap-smears and therefore shows no interest. Many doctors also will only focus on what the patient presents with; if you are there to see the doctor for your ears, then all he or she focuses on is your ears.

It is of paramount importance that whenever medical personnel encounter patients, we use the opportunity to get a proper medical history. The history allows us to know about the general health of the patient and also allows us to guide the patient in areas of their health that they might be neglecting. The more we ask patients about the status of their pap-smears, the more they will understand their importance.


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