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Why am I not being allowed to visit my father?


Dear Doc,

My father is presently ill and receiving chemotherapy. He is in the hospital and does not look very good. I was told that I could not see him because I am two months pregnant. I love my father, so I sneaked into the room and slept with him in his bed.{{more}} The night nurse found me and reported me to the medical director. What is all the hype about?


Dear Lou-Ann,

What you have done is equivalent to jumping off a nine foot ladder and landing on your feet whilst pregnant. You have placed your pregnancy and developing child at a significant risk.

It important for you to realize that anti-neoplastic chemotherapy works by killing rapidly multiplying cells. Any cell that is multiplying is killed, so long as it is exposed to the anti-neoplastic drug. A person who is receiving chemotherapy can transfer it to someone else by touching them, causing transfer through the skin. If the drug is passed to you, it can cause damage to your developing child (birth defect) that is permanent and can even cause you to have an abortion (miscarriage).

When chemotherapy is done, there are protocols involved. These include making sure that the person who is administering it is wearing proper protective garments. Women who are possibly pregnant or known to be pregnant are not allowed in contact with it either. The most susceptible period of the pregnancy is the first three months (first trimester).

Anti –neoplastic chemotherapy is a dangerous chemical concoction that requires professional handling to ensure safety for both recipient and administrator.


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