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Q#2. Do black people get skin cancer?



People with black skin do develop skin cancers. Caucasians have higher rates of diagnosis than black-skinned people, but blacks must never believe that it is a passport to frolic in the sun without skin protection. It is that wrong belief that can cause the increase in skin cancers in the black population.{{more}}

There is a paradox that has to be considered and that is though black- skinned people have fewer diagnoses of skin cancers, many blacks have the worst prognosis. Melanoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer, tends to be diagnosed in white-skinned people earlier than in blacks, because it is easier to note changes in skin colour with the white people. The problem is that late diagnosis carries the risk of having a cancer that has spread and carries poor prognosis.

Black people, like fair- skinned people, must always protect their skin when exposed to the sun. Blacks must make use of sunscreen and wear proper head protection, like broad hats, to help protect them from the effects of the ultraviolet sunrays. Sunbathers must consider the benefits versus the risks of exposing their skin to deliberate intense sunrays.

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