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I am afraid of going to doctors

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Dear Doc,

I am afraid of doctors so I went to a friend at the lab and got my prostate tested. The blood test is very high and now I am even more scared of seeing the doctor. What should I do?{{more}}



You can be accused of putting the cart before the horse and you are now experiencing the consequences.

Your friend, the laboratory technician, did not do you a favour. He simply made your life more complicated. When a doctor sees a patient, he takes a history and examines the patient. After the examination, he might request investigations based on the findings. The investigations requested can then be explained to the patient. On receipt of the investigations, the doctor will then make conclusions based on the history and examinations.

The PSA is a product of the prostate. The PSA may be elevated above the normal range due to age, infection, recent intercourse or indeed a cancer. Only your doctor with all the necessary information would be able to conclude the correct diagnosis. Your doctor is an expert; therefore try not to short-cut him because you are scared. Doing so can further put you through unnecessary stress.


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