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Mange infected Canine


Mange is undoubtedly one of the most frequent health condition that affects our canine friends in our beautiful Country.

Canine mange is a highly contagious skin condition that affect both puppies and adults once they become exposed to the causative agent. It is caused by mites either of a demodectic or sarcoptic origin. These mites produce a silva that causes intensive skin irritation which if goes untreated will lead to further complication.{{more}}

This Disease is only contagious between Animals however, it does not affect human. A Dog may spread this disease by means of direct or indirect physical contact.

A healthy dog may develop mange once physical contact is made with an infected one. However, this is not the most frequent means by which this disease spreads since most dogs are properly housed and their physical contact with mange infested dogs is limited.

Canine Mange spreads more rapidly through indirect physical contact between dogs. This is as a result of the number of mange infested dogs that roam our country and are often found wandering around your properity.

A Mange infested dog may contaminate your Gate, Fence, Wall, Tyre and Motor Vehicle once they rub themselves against them.The Mites wait sitting until a host appears. When a healthy dog comes in physical contact with any of the above mentioned places they automatically acquire the mites and also Mange.

Within a matter of two weeks of your lovely pet picking up these mites the following signs will be manifested:

– Dog begins to scratch and chew itself.

– Excessive hair loss in various parts of the body particularly around the eyes, neck and Chest.

-The appearance of sores due to intensive hair loss.

-Rapid weight loss.

Once the above mentioned signs are seen, you should contact your vet immediately.

Eric Audain