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Canine Poisoning: Signs and action to take at home


The high incident of Canine poisoning in our country is of great concern, and more so, many of our dog owners are not armed with the appropriate knowledge as to what action to take prior to the arrival of a Veterinarian.

I have had numerous counts of dogs that were accidentally and others intentionally poisoned.{{more}}

A dog that consumed food mix with a poisonous material or substance may die within a few hours if the correct action is not taken quickly or if the animal fails to receive adequate treatment as soon as possible.

The quantity and type of poison consumed may determine the survival timet of the dog.

The two main signs of poison consumption in dogs are:

(1) Excessive salivation that starts out to be clear and watery which later turn into froth.

(2) Excessive muscle contraction, this is seen in the area of the back legs and the Thorac.

Traditionally, in cases of suspected canine poisoning, sugarwater or sweet milk mixture is used. This is an error and will definitely do more harm than good.

Due to the fact that such an action allows the poison to advance down the gastro-intestinal system of the dog.

In cases of poisoning of your lovely pet, the following should be done before veterinary service is acquired:

(1) Put the dog in a cool dry place

(2) Open the animal mouth and place three tablespoon full of common salt under the tongue of the dog

(3) Close it’s mouth firmly for at least two minutes

The objective of using common salt is to provoke vomiting and so facilitate the elimination of the animal entire stomach content and so stops the advancement of the poison down the dog gastro-intestinal tract.

The Vet should be brought in as soon as possible so that adequate treatments may be administered.

Dr. Eric Audain

Audain’s Animal Care

Lower Middle Street