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The Customer is King

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Over the past year the idea that ‘The Customer is king’ has taken on new meaning. Businesses have now experienced firsthand what can happen if the ‘king’ does not patronise their establishment. For years, the actions of businesses have demonstrated their rejection to the concept of the customer being ‘king’ and today they are daily paying the price for it.

Many can attest to entering an establishment and being ignored for several minutes before a member of staff decides to give you some attention or being spoken to in a condescending tone by employees as if you were asking for a favour or the currency you were carrying somehow had a lesser value because you may not have looked the part. Well my friends, the tables have turned, the ‘king is still on the throne’ and the sooner businesses recognise this, the better for us all.

Currently businesses large and small are struggling because of decreased sales and lower profit margins. Therefore, they cannot afford to lose customers. Customers are the beating heart of a business and if the beating heart is removed then the business dies.

To this end, businesses must go the extra mile to ensure that their customers are satisfied and are given the respect and care worthy of their most vital organ. In these challenging times, the businesses that will ultimately thrive are the ones that take the time to know and understand their customers’ needs and expectations and surpass customer expectations when meeting those needs. To do this, all staff from top to bottom must be trained and daily held to a strict standard of service. The usual haphazard, mauby shop business operations that is facilitated by inefficiency and poor customer service that we have all come to know; is no longer sufficient to withstand the winds of change that are rushing in our direction.

The options from which a customer can make a purchase are numerous. In addition, barring the essential purchases, every decision to support a particular establishment has boiled down to two things; whether the purchase experience is worth the customer putting his / her life at risk or whether the establishment is worth sustaining. With so much on the line for a single purchase, it is critical that businesses ensure that their employees understand that every interaction with a customer must be so good, it is to die for.

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