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US-based Vincentians donate to Covid19 fight

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A group of Vincentians living in the USA has donated a quantity of supplies to be used in the local fight against the COVID19 pandemic.

Last week Tuesday March 16, Director of the National Emergency Management Organisation-NEMO- Michelle Forbes cleared the special consignment of emergency supplies which were brought to SVG by Amerijet.

In a release, the overseas-based Vincentians said the shipment contained personal protective equipment (masks, face shields, etc.)

This is the first of several planned shipments by SVG Relief Inc. and SVGDRIP, two USA based organisations that collected donations from around the USA to be donated to SVG.

This shipment contained 39,200 surgical (3 ply) face masks, 2450 KN95 masks, 10,420 kids masks, 300 N95 face masks, 5,500 gloves, 792 face shields, 400 shoe covers, and 100 caps.

Storage in the USA and shipping were donated by Fessy Yorke of Standard Shippers NY, while the cost of airlifting the emergency supplies (USD$1,113.00) was donated by Keith Boyea of Amerijet.

Ambassador, H.E. Lou Ann Gilchrist, and Consul General Howie Prince, worked closely with the USA -based organisations and individuals to ensure the collection of these emergency supplies which NEMO indicated are in great demand,to aid in the fight against Covid-19.

Verna Arthur, Chair of SVG Relief Inc. USA and SherillAnn Mason-Haywood of SVGDRIP indicated their pleasure in being given the opportunity to assist the homeland, SVG, and expressed confidence that NEMO and the Ministry of Health will ensure that these masks get into the hands of Vincentians who need them, particularly those who cannot afford them.

Fern Dopwell has been identified as the person who will officially hand over the emergency supplies in St Vincent.