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Svg General Services donates batteries to HAM Radio operators

Svg General Services donates batteries to HAM Radio operators
BATTERIES BEING donated to HAM Radio operators

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Two licensed radio amateurs (Ham radio operators) currently living in the Red Zone are now operational, thanks to a gift of two new 70 Ah 12 volt batteries from Leroy “Fly” Edwards, CEO of SVG General Services.

The two operators are Mrs. Elna Michael – J88NEK from Fancy, and Percy Lampkin – J88NEB from Rose Hall. Percy has a plain view of the volcano, whereas Elna, a shelter manager among other things, lives in the remotest village which can be easily both vehicular and telephone communications service. This scenario requires an alternate mode of communications, and this is where Ham radio plays a pivotal and critical role, a release stated.

Powered by a 12 volt power source, these radios can provide communications for about four days on a fully charged battery, or ad infinitum if the batteries are re-charged via solar panels or other renewable energy sources. Amateur radio is a recognized and reliable source of communications, as radio amateurs enjoy the use of several segments of the radio frequency spectrum, which provides flexibility and resiliency in communications, especially emergency communications.

When the Director of the Rainbow Radio League/Youlou Radio Movement (RRL/YRM), Don De Riggs approached “Fly” with the request, without hesitation he instructed De Riggs to contact the main store manager Ms. Gwenneth Edwards to get the batteries. Edwards is also a radio enthusiast.

The RRL/YRM said that both batteries have been installed and the stations at Fancy and Rose Hall are now fully operational. The station at Fancy has already established contact with CDEMA/CU, while the one at Rose Hall with similar capabilities is now a regular participant of the various regional and local radio networks.

The RRL/YRM has extended thanks to SVG General Services and in particular the proprieter, for his continuing support to the RRL/YRM.