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VINLEC employee retires after 45 years of service

VINLEC employee retires after 45 years of service
Edwin Gibson has retired after 45 years of service at VINLEC

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The longest serving employee at the nation’s electric utility Company, VINLEC, Edwin Gibson has retired after 45 years of service.

Gibson spent his last day on the job on Friday, February 26, 2021. He started working at VINLEC on July 6, 1976 as a Trainee Fitter. After several years on the job, he was promoted to the position of Senior Fitter in 1982. On occasions, he worked as Project Supervisor for half-life overhauls on engines at the Company’s Power Stations. He also acted in the capacity of Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor. In September 2006, Gibson was promoted to Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor, a position he held up to the end of his tenure with the Company.

As per COVID-19 restrictions, the Company hosted an official send off for Gibson last Friday.

He received many praises for being an outstanding leader, who was creative, diligent and loyal. Gibson was described as a mentor for having helped to positively influence the lives of employees, in and out of the Power Station environment.

Gibson recalled some exciting and challenging times at the organisation. He witnessed the transformation of the Company during his tenure. At the time of his employment, less than 50% of the country was electrified. Today, that number stands at approximately 98%. He recalls the changes in the operations at the hydro Power Stations during the volcanic eruption in 1979. He was a member of staff just four months after the Cane Hall Power Station was officially opened and worked through the period where the Kingstown Power Plant ceased operations. Gibson was also a part of the Generation Department during construction and commissioning stages of the Lowmans Bay Power Plant. He also was on hand to see the expansion renewable energy in the Company, namely the Cumberland Hydro Power Station and the addition of solar energy at various locations to the generation mix. According to Gibson, he is privileged to have witnessed the transition of the Company.

He noted that it was a pleasure to share his knowledge and skills with others and provide leadership to many young employees.

Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Thornley Myers, Manager, Engineering, Dr. Vaughn Lewis and a few other members of the staff were present to celebrate Mr. Gibson’s contribution to VINLEC. Mr. Myers thanked him for dedicating his entire working career to the Company. He commended Mr. Gibson for this exemplary work and noted that his commitment contributed to the overall growth of the energy sector in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.