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Friendship Society supports Cuban Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

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The St Vincent and the Grenadines / Cuba Friendship Society warmly welcomes and strongly supports the action of the Vincentian Government to nominate the Cuban medical Brigade, named the Henry Reeve Medical Brigade, for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.

The nomination was one of several by Parliamentarians, academics such as the prolific economist and writer Noam Chomsky and leading cultural artistes in support of the Cuban medical professionals. While the nominations have been sparked by the role of the Brigade in assisting many countries to combat the coronavirus pandemic, the Brigade has performed heroic deeds all over the world in the fight against disease, notably in Africa against the deadly ebola disease.

In the case of the Caribbean and Latin America, Cuban medical personnel have been playing an invaluable role in many countries, helping them to strengthen and develop their capacity to combat COVID-19.

At a time of extreme selfishness and narrow nationalism on the part of many countries, particularly rich and powerful ones, the role of Cuba and the Henry Reeve Brigade in particular, is especially commendable for its unselfishness and solidarity. Many countries have publicly not only acknowledged the Cuban contribution but have praised the Brigade and the Cuban government for it.

Ironically, while the nomination of the Henry Reeve Brigade for the prestigious Nobel prize recognizes the role of international solidarity, among the nominees for this year’s prize is someone who represents exactly the opposite – former US President Donald Trump, now facing impeachment charges. There could not be a greater contrast between nominees. (Renwick Rose – SVGCFS)