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Government needs to act now against dangerous behaviour of rogue doctors

Government needs to act now against dangerous  behaviour of rogue doctors

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EDITOR: Doctors who intentionally and or habitually spread mis or dis-information re the COVID19 vaccines are breaking one of the fundamental rules regarding the practice of medicine. That is: If you can’t do any good, you should never do any harm. 

Such doctors, unfortunately, by discouraging hundreds and in some instances thousands of persons from becoming vaccinated, have the potential to seriously harm, including causing many to die here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

These doctors have already misled a number of Vincentians with regard to COVID19 and the relevant and corresponding vaccines. And undoubtedly there have been negative health and socioeconomic consequences for Vincentians and St Vincent and the Grenadines. Should the relevant authorities in SVG continue to turn a blind eye to such doctors? Definitely not!!! 

Such doctors, by undermining a fiduciary responsibility to their clients and others, will continue to lend fuel to the enveloping COVID pandemic, which is currently sweeping through our multi-island state. In order to mitigate against the influence of such rogue doctors, it is incumbent on the Government to act with alacrity and haste. 

Without swift and appropriate action against these rebels, there will be further morbidity and mortality as a result of their mischievous, unethical, unscientific, and dangerous behaviour. A situation that will have significant and far-reaching biopsychosocial consequences for all Vincentians. For the good of our people and the love our country, Government needs to act now. Enough is enough.

Coraline Frank