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Admiration for the Nurses

Admiration for the Nurses

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EDITOR: Even though there are reductions in positive cases for the COVID-19, we know that it is here with us and will be for some time. Plenty praise and admiration with much appreciation is due to the nurses and the other front line health workers for their dedication and professionalism during this trying time.

The nurses and other health workers, like all of us, are exposed to the virus. However, I do believe that they are more exposed to it and are at a high risk, unlike some other classes of civil servants who work from their homes.

Amidst all the hard work and dedication we are not hearing the nurses complaining, but are giving service, in some cases beyond their hours of work. Some are even working almost all week and are doing so without complaining. This is indeed honorable and worthy of the highest commendation. I wish that we have more civil servants and teachers as dedicated as these nurses. These nurses put their lives and that of their family at risk and yet do it, in many cases, without complaining.

It is unfortunate that in spite of their dedicated service they seem not to be much appreciation given to them. I do strongly recommend that at some point nurses and the health workers who gave and continue to give tireless service during this pandemic be given some recognition.

I do believe that many give their service because of love and not necessarily the financial benefits. We must therefore say a big thank you to these wonderful persons and also seek to love and respect them and all the others who have done well and deserve recognition.

Let us continue to remember in prayer our nurses and other health personnel who have given to SVG, with very little thanks.

Kennard King