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EDITOR: Homelessness is something that is well known to almost every country on earth. While many scorn and look down on those who are homeless, many of these same homeless persons are intelligent and came from good, respectable families.

Many of them are victims of circumstances. Amongst the many causes of homelessness is mental illness. In a follow-up article, I shall highlight the plight of one such individual.

In some cases, some are the cause of their own dilemma due to choices they made. And some had not really received good guidance at home and in most cases there have been an absence of a father figure.

Inspite of the negatives that these individuals would have encountered which may have landed them on the streets with no home, there is hope. What is recommended is to reach out to some of these persons, listen to their plight and be supportive of them.

I would strongly recommend that efforts be made by the Ministry of Social Development to have social workers reach out to them and offer counseling and help where necessary.

We know that these individuals can be a nuisance and sometimes irritating and of course some of them are addicted to drugs, so their primary goal when they ask for money is to spend it on drugs. Here is where the social worker and programmes organize by the social development can play a meaningful role in aiding these persons and take them off the streets. Let us not forget, as well, that we can, as individuals, reach out to them. It sure would be nice if for each homeless person someone can commit to helping that individual. I am sure we still have within us the caring heart and Good Samaritan attitude.

Some persons do have relatives who can take care of them, but because of mental issues are living on the streets. Thus, by reaching out to them and loving them a difference can be made and they can become productive citizens.

I hope people will take a more caring approach to homeless persons. Thank you.

Kennard King