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Those minivans and the COVID protocols

Those minivans and the COVID protocols

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Editor: By the time this is published I do believe that the withdrawal of service by the minivans would be off.

Hopefully, it would be a satisfactory compromise. In every situation like this, compromise must be made.

Health, and assisting to reduce the spread of the virus must be top priority. Thus, the protocols were given. The situation as I understand it is that it is not profitable to carry half of the licensed amount of passengers. When you think of the far ends of the country, it is definitely not profitable. So for this I take the side of the vans in their claim that it is not profitable taking into consideration, the gas and maintenance cost.

What I think should be done, as was done last year, is a reduction in the gas price. A bargaining with the lending institutions to waive the payments of loan for say maybe about three months and most importantly a reduction in the license fee to half for a year. This will ease the squeeze on the vans.

Of course, in any dispute, compromise is of necessity in solving and coming to a solution. It is my hope that good sense would prevail and that party politics is taken out. For when the minivans strike, it sets back production, for workers are affected and cannot get to work on time and in some cases can not get to work. It is therefore in the interest of both government and the association to come to an amicable solution considering the commuters who depend on them.

Kennard King