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Take the Covid vaccine and ignore the conspiracy theories

Take the Covid vaccine and ignore the  conspiracy theories

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Editor: I would like to add my voice to yours and the medical experts who are encouraging Vincentians to make sure they get vaccinated against Covid when they get the opportunity.

I am writing as an ordinary person (and by the way a digital subscriber and regular reader of Searchlight for many years), someone who has visited St Vincent with my wife several times in the past decade, and is looking forward to returning as soon as possible. But I do want to make sure we are coming to a safe place – only a high level of vaccination can give me that reassurance. I want to hear that St Vincent will not accept anyone into the country unless they have been vaccinated. I believe it is in everyone’s personal interest, and in the interest of the future of St Vincent as well. We are not the only people who will take the same line.

It is not just travelling to St Vincent: we will not be going into bars or restaurants at home unless the management insists that all staff and visitors protect themselves through vaccination. Already Australian airline Qantas has said it will not allow anyone on board their aircraft who have not been vaccinated. That gives me confidence, and I am sure most airlines will follow suit.

Many people say they have a human right not to be vaccinated, and I respect that. At the same time, I expect them to respect my human right not to risk myself by mixing with or going near them if they refuse to be vaccinated.

So please ignore the conspiracy so-called ‘theories’. These vaccines are safe and are the only way any of us will be able to return to something resembling our previous ways of life. My wife and I are fortunate to have already received our first doses as we are in vulnerable groups. Please join us and be safe – get vaccinated!

Yours etc.,
Chris Bazlinton,
United Kingdom