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We Shall Rise

We Shall Rise

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by Jerol Huggings Jackson

We are a nation of hope let us not fear
God is our captain our nation he’d steer
Troubled waters we may encounter
But our faith shall see us yonder
Yes we shall rise

Like each magical sunrise on the horizon
So too shall our darkest days be brightened
Our Blue shall become bluer, our green greener And our gold shall never be replaced by silver
yes we shall rise

Pandemics, disasters we may encounter
Yet we shall rise we shall not falter
We shall emerge united as a nation
For the betterment of this and future generation
yes we shall rise

From our golden shores to our majestic mountain peeks
From our rivers, our water falls and our
tropical reefs
From the Grenadines to the slopes of Grand
We shall bend our knees to the rising sun
yes we shall rise

We shall dance again on the hill tops
Men in their suits and women in their frocks
In every city in every street
We shall meet and greet with a kiss on the cheek
Tell ah neighbor tell a friend
Hairouna she shall rise again