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Please donate and help me stay alive!

Please donate and help me stay alive!

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EDITOR: I am hypertensive and have a constant abnormal heart beat. The doctor says I have a murmur. I am also diabetic with serious neuropathy in both feet.

Now I am fighting with stage 4 prostate cancer which is overwhelming challenging. I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer in early 2020, inspite of being told that my prostate was good on my many doctor visits… but I am a believer.

I am appealing for financial donations by seeking support for my GoFundMe campaign. I need the support of anyone willing to contribute so I can continue to fight, not only this cancer, but hypertension and diabetes.

I know my chances of surviving stage 4 prostate cancer may be slim, but I have to continue the fight. The donations would help me to continue

my cancer therapy treatment, giving me a chance to live a little longer and enjoy my family. I am a person of faith and I serve a Big God and nothing is impossible.

Therefore, i am appealing to all you generous people out there, please help me fight by donating to a worthy cause.

Donations can be made online at: Thank in advance for your kind donation.

Higman Peters