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Remembering Glen Jackson and Randy Dopwell

Remembering Glen Jackson and Randy Dopwell

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EDITOR: I made a promise to myself to always remember Mr. Glen Jackson, who was my best friend. Talk radio, for what it’s worth today, may not be what you want it to be, why? All because we are living in a changing world. Mr Glen Jackson was very committed, focused and he stood up for the underprivileged who needed that voice.

I will never forget my friend and I am thanking this newspaper for allowing me to express my thoughts about him. I often wonder what would have been his position on certain issues today. He was extremely good at what he did, others followed and they are: E.G Lynch, Pastor Hull AKA Battering Ram, Jerry George, Randy Dopwell and still alive, Max Harry. I am writing this to remind you what they did for our country and development, in terms of radio.

I often wonder why only when persons die we hear all sorts of nice things about them? “Its a shame!” There is a perception that Randy Dopwell supported the NDP and that is that the reason why we fail to honour him. We will hear from persons about how much he did and what he meant to them, but where he is now he can’t hear and appreciate any of these comments being made about him. Glen Jackson,

Theresa Daniel, Bernard John, Max Harry, Chester Connell, Wanita Francois, Pamela Barbor and Jamella Samuel all made significant contributions to radio in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. So please remember those who are doing well in making a contribution to our blessed land of SVG.

Kingsley Defreitas