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Search the prison officers !  

Search the prison officers !  

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EDITOR: Two dangerous men had recently escaped from prison and people are still questioning how that happened. Might it be that a prison officer or officers helped them to escape? Who gave them weapons to help them in their getaway? Are prison officers accepting bribes from friends of prisoners to aid prisoners to escape from jail? One wonders.

Therefore, I wish to suggest to the Chief Commissioner of Police, that qualified officers who are hopefully trustworthy, be used at prisons to search prison officers whenever they report for duty. If unwanted and unauthorised items are found on the prison officers, such as knives, unauthorised guns, or any other item that can help a prisoner to escape, then the prison officer should be charged and fired. Perhaps having a similar security device to those used at airports may help. Following through on the above may help prevent prisoners escaping in the future. Hence, communities will be safer.