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Let us put aside malice

Let us put aside malice

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Editor: Now that elections are over, life continues. Both parties I believe are not happy with the results. NDP was disappointed that they were not able to take the reins of government, and the ULP, although returned to power, would have like a better result.

We know that God sets up kings and brings down kings. Romans 13:1 states “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God; the powers that be are ordained of GOD”. We know that the Lord has a purpose for granting the ULP another term in office.

Importantly both parties must take a deep assessment and look at areas of weaknesses and try to do better. In the meantime, as Vincentians we ought to seek to live together in peace. Let us put aside the malice and hatred because of party politics. After all we are all Vincentians.

The results reflect the will of the people. It is a wake up call for both parties. Maybe those who stayed at home saw no reason to vote for anyone. All in all, the Lord has spoken through the people. It is therefore time that we put aside our differences and work together.

Parliamentarians would come and go, but this country would remain. We as a people would still be around until such time of our departure. It therefore means we ought to love each other, be our brother’s keeper. Most importantly, let us not let partisan politics divide us. There is no doubt that the Lord spoke very clearly in these elections.

Therefore let us look up. Let us seek to remove the political division that exists. Let us reach to each other regardless of their political persuasion and most of let Christ reign in our hearts and in this nation.

Kennard King