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Demons are real… Don’t expose yourself to their workings!

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Editor: The recent ‘Charlie, Charlie challenge,’ in which many of our Caribbean students have been engaging is no laughing matter. The reports of children having strange experiences – fainting, seizures etc after playing the game are concerning. Although there are those who doubt the existence of Satan, evil angels and their workings, the word of God is clear on this topic.{{more}} They were cast out of heaven after their rebellion – “…that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him”(Rev.12:9). These enemies of God and humanity have continued tirelessly to fasten persons in a state of unbelief and to destroy souls. Children are not exempt from their evil work. The Bible also records examples of how demons have tormented persons. For example, Matthew 8: 20-32 gives an account of two persons who were possessed by demons, which caused them to operate fiercely, threatening the movement and lives of other persons. Another account in Matthew 12 informs us that Jesus was able to heal “one possessed with a devil…”

Children (and adults too) must realize that dabbling in evil in the name of a ‘game’, ‘physics’, ‘gravity’ is dangerous and exposes them to the influence of demons. Some say Charlie (in the Charlie Charlie challenge) is a Mexican demon. Others say a little boy who was killed. Whether or not Charlie was a real person who died, we may not know. However, we know with certainty by the word of God that the dead cannot communicate with the living. The Bible tells us that “the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten” (Ecclesiastes 9:5). In other words, there is no consciousness in death. The dead cannot give any warning, cannot watch over relatives, neither can the dead foretell the future. They cannot comfort neither can they harm. Who/what then would be communicating with the students and giving such unclean experiences? Evil angels or demons! They can impersonate the dead and trick you into believing that you are really in contact with the dead. They can work great wonders and miracles – all with the aim of preparing you for the future grand deception to cause you to worship the beast, as outlined in Revelation 13. Revelation 16:14 also tells us of “spirits of devils, working miracles…” As we near the end of this earth’s history, their evil and baleful work would intensify. Our only preservation and security is to turn away from iniquity and believe the truth of the living God.

Our children must desist from all demon-evoking practices. Without realizing it, many of them expose themselves to be influenced by evil angels, not only for the demons to move pencils, but to take control of their minds. All need to understand as well that God has long forbidden the practice of seeking to communicate with the dead. We are warned that “all that do such things are an abomination unto the LORD…” The unrepentant will certainly be visited with retribution from God for such wicked practices, just like King Saul was. May the Lord have mercy upon us all and save us.

Ann-Marie Ballantyne
[email protected]