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What’s wrong with Karib Cable?

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EDITOR: What does Karib Cable really think they are doing, always cutting off the Internet? For weeks, whenever I come home from school, I need to do research on my school work, in order to prepare for Common Entrance, which will be coming up soon. To my great disappointment, our Internet connection with so-called Karib Cable, is down.{{more}}

Up to now, the slightest rain or wind will cause the connections to cut out, sometimes even when there is no rain at all. Come on Karib Cable, this is not what you advertised. This is no service at all.

Are my parents still supposed to pay for this lack of service? Would you offer them a refund?

Since this is going on for sometime in our area on Bequia, I am asking politely, what is Karib Cable going to do about this frustrating situation?

Primary School Student