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The Prime Minister is the real dictator

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Editor: As I listened to the Prime Minister I saw his craftiness in trying to redefine who is a dictator – by stating that the NDP representatives are trying to have a minority dictatorship in the house. He is implying that to protest against anti-rights bills that have been brought to the House is dictatorial behaviour.{{more}} His reasoning is so twisted that he fails to see that it is because of his hardheartedness towards the voice of the people that brought about this reaction by the opposition – officials elected by the people. But I say no! Your action towards the voice of the people spells who is the real dictator, Mr. Prime Minister. You did not go into the House of Assembly to do the people’s business. You went into the House to do your party’s business, that is, to ensure by all means that you protect yourself from persistent scrutiny.

The Prime Minister sought to give the reason why parliament is set up, that is to make laws, and proceeded to say that they have been elected by the people to do so. While that statement is true, we must remember that government is set up to make laws that would protect and secure the rights and freedoms of the people. We did not vote for Ralph Gonsalves or any MP to take away our rights and freedoms. Governments are never elected by the majority for the purpose of taking away the rights and freedoms of the governed. Whenever a government does this, they are going against their mandate given to them by God and the population. Whenever government governs to serve itself against the people, then the government becomes tyrannical, the people suffer and the government proves itself unfit to govern the people.

The actions of the police officers show that we are truly headed down the road to communism, where laws are enacted to transgress the rights of man and where the security and military forces have authority to do the same. The police and security forces are employed to protect and serve the people. The violent response of the police to peaceful protesters protected no one who was threatened, nor did it serve the people, but served the government against the protection of the people. Police officers work for the people and not for a political party in power. The police who are not elected officials did horrible violence against officials elected by the people. This disqualifies the police from being impartial and makes them a “mongoose gang” for a party with no more than a one-seat majority. The action of the ULP administration is the perfect definition of dictatorship and we must ever protest for the security of our rights and freedoms.

Karima Parris