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The deceiver and the delusional

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Editor: HOT97FM has quoted our Beloved PM as having said that the protests in Libya is ‘NO REASON to break diplomatic ties’ with that country (if he was misquoted they’re playing with a lawsuit!).{{more}} However, if that is in fact what our Beloved PM said, then it is nothing short of DECEPTIVE.

Please, Dear Beloved PM, the protesting Libyans is most definitely NOT the reason we should sever diplomatic ties with Libya, but rather the RESPONSE by Colonel Gaddafi who has ordered the Libyan Air Force to BOMB the RATS and COCKROACHES protesting in the streets of Tripoli. It is for this same reason that SVG should NOT be accepting money or other gifts, for whatever reason from Libya; it is a PAINFUL EMBARASSMENT for Vincentians who have been watching events as they unfold in Libya. And to show how INSENSITIVE and ARROGANT our Beloved PM is, we publicize this heartless act in the media. Whoever your Public Relations people are, Dear Beloved PM, they should all be fired. At the time of writing, more than one thousand Libyans have died as a result of Colonel Gaddafi’s unleashing the Libyan military against his own people; several of Gaddafi’s high-ranking officials have defected, with the Justice Minister claiming that Colonel Gaddafi ordered Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrah to bomb PANAM Flight-103 over Lockerbie in 1988. On board that airliner was one of our beloved sons: Walter Porter. Yes Beloved PM, Walter Porter, A VINCENTIAN! Meanwhile, an obviously DELUSIONAL Colonel Gaddafi is blaming Al Qaeda for the unrest, while at the same time claiming that there are no protests on the streets by the COCKROACHES and RATS, whom he says ALL love him!

So, my Dear Beloved Prime Minister, it matters not whether it is BLOOD money or OIL money; we should do the right thing: GIVE IT BACK and sever all ties with Libya. And thereafter, there will be the small matter of APOLOGIZING to the people of LIBYA, after which you may want to consider sending a clear message to the world by issuing an UNCONDITIONAL STATEMENT OF CONDEMNATION of the actions of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, which we CAN NOT and DO NOT condone. Think you can handle that?