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Sinkholes in SVG?

Sinkholes in SVG?

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Editor: When does a pothole stop being a pothole? When can you call it a pit, crater, sinkhole or abyss? Above is the deeper of two potholes I dropped into while driving through the Frenches by-pass road.{{more}}

The first hole caused me to scrape my mudguard, but this second hole takes up more than half of the road, and is so deep that when the left, front wheel went into it, the undercarriage of the car slammed onto the ground and scraped the road.

I’m sorry for those people who live in Frenches and have to use this road every day to get into town. I know I won’t be using it again until those holes are fixed. Since this road is designated as a ‘relief road’ to help ease the traffic on the main road, it should be maintained to keep up with the expected flow of traffic.

Just out of curiosity, whom do I hold accountable if my vehicle is damaged by a pothole that I cannot avoid?