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Please protect our wildlife!

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Editor: For example, why do people kill iguanas? They are innocent and won’t harm you. So don’t trouble them. However, it happens so that some people do eat iguanas.{{more}}

Since chicken and little fish really are not expensive, why would one kill an endangered animal, so beautiful and unusual? Does it not resemble a dragon or a mini dinosaur? After all, the iguana happens to be a distant relative and gets as close as one can get to those mystical creatures they make all the movies from. Shouldn’t we be proud that we have those magnificent reptiles on our islands?

So, please leave the iguanas alone, and for that matter, the other endangered animals as well: our national parrot, the magnificent whales, the dolphins, the turtles and many more. I’ve seen turtles butchered on our beaches, although they’re supposed to be protected.

I’ve also seen guys walking with 10 or so Iguanas on their back. Why so many?

Here are some facts about the iguana: Iguanas can change their colour from bright green to dark brown, depending on the environment they’re living in. They are mainly vegetarians, but have sharp claws for digging up insects etc. The can grow up to 6 feet long and weigh up to 18 pounds. If treated fairly and left alone, they reach an age of 15 years or even older! Iguanas are not agressive and even timid, but would try to defend themselves during their breeding season.

Iguanas are native to the jungles of central and south America and to the Caribbean.

Do you see now that iguanas are impressive, harmless animals? So, please give this beautiful animal and all the others their space, and don’t kill them.

Sylvin Schaedle, 11 years, Bequia