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Collaborate to reduce crime in SVG

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Editor: There are no easy solutions to crime in any country. For it is a reflection of the heart of man that is desperately wicked, and also it is a reminder that we are living in the last days, where the love for many has grown cold and iniquity abounds.{{more}}

However, it is important that these few recommendations be taken on board as we look towards finding a solution. A commitment to holiness with a life surrendered to Christ must be the top priority. It is time that parents carry their children to church and Sunday school and also establish a family altar, where we pray with and for our children and the nation and where the word of God is taught. Of course, the example must be lived by the parents.

Added to the aforementioned is the need for a good community spirit. If we look at some communities that have a strong community spirit, we would realize that in most of these communities, robbery, rape and even murder and theft are not so easily committed, for there is always someone who sees what is happening. The blocks are seldom empty, thus it is not easy for someone to break into another one’s property for they would be seen. Sometimes in the rural community there is a strong presence of brotherhood when it comes to standing up for one another. Thus we need to revive the communities. Far too many persons are living for themselves. In many rich communities every one lives for themselves and this gives rise to crime because in many cases, they don’t see what is taking place and they don’t look out for each other.

Forming communities groups where the young people and older ones alike are involved can be a helpful method of reducing crimes. For they can be involved in community projects and thus make a contribution to the society and not be involved in time wasting. In the community groups, sports and culture can aid in bringing people together and so create a brotherhood and at the same time finding something to do to occupy time and also develop their talents.

I would encourage us as a people to be creative and occupy our time. Let us work together to build this nation and reduce the crimes in this our blessed land.

Kennard King