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We need to monitor music at School Sports

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Editor: Visiting a number of school sports taking place around our country, one comes to recognize that there is a need for a policy governing the type of music played at these events.{{more}}

The music played leaves much to be desired. I recall hearing a song that included the lyrics: “Open she leg and go down in ah de gel…” And there are other songs with lyrics similar to that. Yes, these are the kinds of music that are played at school sports, both secondary and primary schools. The lyrics I quoted above were heard at a primary school sports. In my opinion, this is ridiculous! Furthermore, the vulgar dancing carried on by parents and schoolchildren, including infant girls, at their Sports Day needs to discontinue at both primary and secondary levels.

So I am humbly calling on the Ministry of Education to develop a policy governing the type of music that is to be played at Sporting events in both primary and secondary schools. Perhaps principals, too, can play a greater role in exercising control over the music played. Hopefully, this may result in a decrease in moral decay in our society.

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