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An open letter to former Speaker Dennie Wilson

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Dear Former Speaker Dennie Wilson,

I humbly suggest that you view the available video clips of the proceedings from the Honourable House of Assembly for last Thursday’s meeting (March 03, 2011). Upon completion, please inform me if you, as former Speaker, ever experienced the barbaric behaviour of Members Eustace, Leacock, Cummings, Friday and others on the Opposition benches.{{more}}

Former Speaker Wilson, have you, in your term as Speaker, ever experienced Members of the House shouting and disobeying the orders of the Chair, then refusing to leave the House, when properly Named and ordered so to do?

Have you, Mr. Wilson, ever experienced, in your day, Members, after having refused to leave the House, form themselves into a GANG and openly sing and shout in the Honourable House? Have you, Mr. Wilson, ever had Members taking photographs inside the House, while in session, without the expressed or implied permission of the presiding Speaker?

I suggest to you, former Speaker Wilson, that you, and indeed no other Speaker in our living memory, have had that experience of such hooliganism in the Honourable House.

I shudder to think what would have been the situation, had you (Former Speaker Dennie Wilson) been in the Chair on Thursday, March 03, 2011.

Former Speaker Wilson, filibuster is allowed in the House, not disorder.

I commend the Honourable Speaker, Hendrick Alexander, for the tolerant, fair and firm manner in which he carried out his duties, as clearly set out in the Standing Order/Rules of the Honourable House.

I commend the Hon. Prime Minister (House Leader) and other Members on the government side of the House for the dignified manner in which they conducted themselves on that said day.

Additionally, I again commend Commissioner Keith Miller and the members of his constabulary for the exemplary manner in which they executed their lawful duties last Thursday.

Former Speaker Wilson Dennie, it only becomes necessary for a Speaker of any Parliament, anywhere in the world, to Name and eject member(s), when they blatantly break the rules of the House and REFUSE to respect the authority of Honourable Speaker. So, too, the Police only use “force” (as much as reasonably necessary), in response to the use of force by persons breaking the law.

Finally, I further suggest to you, former Speaker Dennie Wilson, that your open letter is unfair, biased and misguided. It is an insult to civilised people the world over. Furthermore, I suggest, that like former Speakers Monty Maule and Olin Dennie, your “Open Letter” is the product of one (mis)guided mainly by partisan political considerations.

Not only should the Honourable Speaker NOT resign, as you demand, the House should discipline every Member of the NDP opposition for their dispicable conduct in the Honourable House on Thursday last.

In closing, Mr Dennie, I request that you join me in calling on the Commissioner of Police to ensure that criminal charges are preferred against all individuals – inside and outside the House – who committed offenses, including, Resist and Assault Peace Officers, in the lawful execution of their duties.

For these charges, there should be no Nolle prosequi by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).


T Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.
Former Police Officer
Former Clerk of the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench
Former Deputy Speaker, Parliament of SVG