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When we deny God, we do not participate in His good

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Editor: Last October (2010), over four thousand Evangelical leaders, hailing from the fields of academia, the Church and Christian organizations, from 198 countries, converged in Cape Town, in South Africa for nine days of prayer and deliberation. For every night of this event, the leaders were all treated to a presentation entitled, “God on the Move”, which detailed the acts of God around the world.{{more}}

The question then begs asking “What is God doing?” The answer is simple in all its complexities; God is doing good for His sake. Without getting too embroiled in unpacking this, it must be understood that all that happens in this world is for God His good. Therefore, all that do His work, must do it for His good. We work for God and in doing that work we do good when we do it for God.

Politicians: You do Good

Lest we mistake the importance of your job and allow you to forget it and by our mutual neglect cause evil, it behooves us to remind ourselves and you that you are servants of God for His good, not your own, not the people’s. It is not the people that you serve, it is God that you serve for His good that resonates with people for their good. It is then God that calls you to account; it is not the electorate that does it every five years. You would answer to God for your stewardship of the role He has given you.

For God’s good, your good and the good of the people, take your job of serving the purposes of God seriously. It is God who places you in the position to serve Him. Serve Him well, serve Him with fear and trembling; it is a privilege to be instruments for good. Depart from the good you have been called to do, and it is God Himself who would be against you, for His good and the good of the people.

Churches and Church

Leaders: You do Good

Foundations are important; without one, the building topples over at the slightest shove. Our understanding of reality, of God and of our selves flows from our grasping in faith the truths stored in the Bible. We learn the plan of God, the activity of His heart and mind, and the reasons for our existence in the Word of God. We encounter God, who made himself known to us through Jesus Christ, in the pages of Scripture. When we neglect study and correct interpretation with meaningful application, we deny God. When we deny God, we do not participate in His good, and this good is for God, for us and the people.

The Bible points us to the sole reason for us being here; the Glory of God. To display the Glory of God, we obey the gospel, live the gospel and proclaim it within and without our shores. To believe, preach and propagate anything else but the Gospel of God, is to both deny Him and actively oppose good, His good.

To lead others astray is to encourage and attract the undiluted wrath of God. You will be judged.

People: You do Good

Turn away from those thoughts and actions that oppose God and goodness. When you do good for the sake of God, you do it to your benefit and the benefit of others. Violence, rebellion, deviancy of all kinds, result in bad for you and others; nothing of value comes from the pursuit and exercise of sin, the tolerance of sin and the clinging stain of sin. In our thoughts, we have been enemies of God. Let us turn from those thoughts, become reconciled to God and walk on the path of goodness. In so doing, God is pleased, we are blessed and others are refreshed.

Let’s do so now.