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No need for silence now!

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Editor: The sexual allegations relating to three male teachers and targeted male students at post secondary institutions in our country is a burning topic for many Vincentians. The discussion is also spurred on by radio talk show hosts who entertain the views of many callers to their programs.{{more}}

I am happy to hear the disgust expressed by many Vincentians towards sodomy (homosexuality). God describes it as ‘an abomination’. Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.’ Leviticus 18:22. And we should not view it any differently from the all wise Creator-God. Of course, we ought not to promote any anti-rights behaviour of violence towards the person of the guilty, but we must show them that their behaviour is unnatural in the eyes of God and man and that it is totally unacceptable.We know that there are those locally and internationally who will support it under the garb of “alternative lifestyle” and the ungodly “born so” argument. Well, those who argue that should consider that “the upholder is worse than the thief”. More so, they must consider the unchangeable works of the Most High God, who destroyed an entire nation for such abominable practices.

While different persons continue to voice their concerns, there appears to be an unexplainable silence from certain quarters. It is true that none of the teachers have been charged and therefore, the authorities have to be responsible and professional in their speech and behaviour concerning the alleged offenders. However, it does not mean that the institution/s cannot strongly condemn such behaviour, showing that the role of educators is to aid in the all-round development, including moral development, of their students, NOT to contribute to the moral decay of society. Silence is sometime considered golden, but certainly not in this case. This has too much of a far-reaching negative impact.

The general public is not silent. School children are certainly not silent either. Those of us who are genuine educators should not evade the discussion either. Let us be honest with our children/young people to guide them on the right path. We rebuke them when they are wrong, expecting a change (for the better) in their conduct. So, let us tell them what is right and acceptable, and caution them against tolerating or emulating behaviours like sodomy.

Thumbs up to all who have condemned such behaviour, whether or not the allegations are true.

I want to congratulate all the REAL male teachers who genuinely care for their students (males and females); who model manly behaviour for their students. In the heat of the debate, some of you may hear unkind and unjustifiable comments by a few who unfairly place all male teachers under one umbrella of distrust. Some of your students may even show some resentment, but ‘have no fear!”. The majority of students know who real teachers are, by word and by example.

As the discussion continues, may we all fulfil our duty as responsible citizens. We must see ourselves duty-bound to condemn evil wherever it is found, including in educational institutions. Remember, it is in these institutions the minds of the youth are moulded and prepared for life’s great challenges. Let’s help to preserve our society from further moral deterioration.

Ann-Marie Ballantyne
[email protected]