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Treat ‘Teacher Guides’ better!

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EDITOR: Teachers, as a whole, are certainly to be appreciated by us all for the sacrifices they make in educating our nation’s children. Some teachers take on extra-curricular activities, for which they are not paid. For such, they deserve our highest commendation.{{more}}

One example I wish to mention are those teachers who are handling the School Co-operative initiative in their respective schools. They are called “Teacher Guides”. In conversation with such ones throughout the country and learning of the extra workload they have, I recognize that they truly deserve some monetary reward. After all, these “Teacher Guides” teach their classes like any other teacher, then they have the added task of doing the Co-operative activities- keeping records, etc.

Even if it’s not a salary as such, can’t such “Teacher Guides” be given at least a stipend for their efforts?

Come on, Co-operative Department, you can do better than that, I think.

Interested in Teacher’s welfare