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Put country before party!

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Editor: Before I proceed, I must express my sincerest thanks to Mr. Parnel Campbell QC for educating us about the two bills. Indeed there are many of us who look at things from a non partisan political point of view. Thank you, Mr. Campbell. Keep up the good work.{{more}}

It is my personal hope that as a people, we will put aside our political differences and look at issues honestly and in an intelligent way. Let us not be guided by partisan politics. After all, we are Vincentians. We must realize that in the final analysis, we are neither ULP nor NDP. When something is wrong we say it is wrong, even if it comes from the politicians we support.

It is time we recognize that politicians are there to score political mileage. For far too often, they use us to gain their objective, and when they have achieved such, many of us are left with disappointments and anger.

I, therefore, urge us as Vincentians to be mature in our compliments and criticism. Before we make a conclusion and pass judgement, let us try to get the facts and look at it without political bias. Let us educate ourselves. What is even sad is that many talk show hosts, rather than being honest and deal with the bills and other issues from an educated point of view, where they would try to get enough information and so educate us the listeners correctly, many tend to deal with it from a political point of view. No wonder our nation, despite the education revolution, is still uneducated.

It is my wish that there would be many more persons who like “The Law and You” would educate us on various subjects from a non partisan political side. We have put politics into everything in this country. This is indeed so unfortunate. Let us put our country before party. Let us condemn wrong when it is indeed wrong and compliment the good when it is indeed good.

Kennard King