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Put aside political hatred and live together as one

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Editor: We have just celebrated Valentine’s Day, a day in which the emphasis was on love. While we set aside this day for showing love and lovers demonstrate their love for their partners and parents for children and visa versa, it is so unfortunate that many are still searching for love. There are also many homes without love.{{more}}

It is my wish that we would not just wait until Valentine’s Day to show love, but that every day of our lives we would love our partners, children and parents, and everyone by extension. There are far too many children who are growing up without love and attention at home. Some children don’t even know their fathers. There are far too many single parents. No wonder we have so many crimes committed by young men and girls becoming pregnant too early.

When girls become teenaged mothers, how can they in turn train their children correctly? As a result, the children grow up many times ill disciplined. Added to that, the teenaged mother has to also contend with taking care of that child while many times the father is no where to be found, or sometimes all the father may do is give finances. No wonder we have such an ill disciplined society.

There are still many relationships that are broken and many children face the unfortunate trauma of seeing Mom and Dad separating. Far too often, love is measured by material things, which in the end brings about broken hearts and lives and has serious consequences on the children.

We have also forgotten what it means to love one another, even our enemies. Gone are the days when neighbours looked out for each other. Gone are the days when an elderly person was respected and shown love. We need as a nation to look at our blessed Lord who loved even those who did not love Him. We need to begin to love each other.

For when we do that we have little crime and our nation will be a better place to live.

I, therefore, call upon us to put aside our political hatred and live together as one with love in our hearts for one another and see each other through eyes of LOVE.

Kennard King