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Samuel family wants justice!

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Editor: On behalf of the family of murdered victim Adrian Samuel of Lowmans Windward. I would like you to publish this letter in your weekly publication for me.{{more}}

I am one of five sisters who presently reside in the United States. I just want the court and the police to know that we are extremely

saddened by the recent decision in relation to our brother.

We refuse to accept this decision and will be taking further action regarding this matter. Adrian was not a fowl or some road kill, he was someone’s father, son, brother, uncle, cousin and friend. It is ridiculous that his life was snuffed out like a bird and no one pays for this hideous crime. Was my brother’s life not worth anything?

It is a shame what our island is coming to. People can kill and be free to mingle in society just like normal people. If these things continue to happen, then there will be a lot more murders in this place.

We want the court and the prosecutor to know that he was a human being and he does have family who cares and we will not leave this alone.

Looking for justice
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