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Letter to Mr Eustace, Opposition Leader

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Sir, I am a person who greatly loves my country, even while I am away from home I still love my country with all my heart. Before I leave my homeland I voted for the NDP and I am a person that do not care about ULP, Green Party or NDP. All I care about is that we all as Vincentians work together and build our country. I am also a person that listened to everyone when I was at home.{{more}} I listened to all of the parties because I do not have any bias for anyone or favours. However, Mr. Eustace, I am amazed as to the kind of person you have become. Whether you would like to hear me or not, I am now seeing you as a person that is very hungry for power and not a person that loves our country. You seem bent in your ways to break this country down because you are not in power and that is a very sad thing. If I may ask you this: After you break this country down and then you get into power, how much will it cost you to build it back up? Or, how much will it cost us Vincentians to build it back up after you break it down? I remember when my party the NDP was in power when I was home, who I also voted for, was it not the NDP plan to build an international airport on mainland St. Vincent and the Grenadines? But as I listened to the news over the Internet and read the newspapers I could not help but be amazed that you, the NDP, oppose the building of the airport. I just want to ask this: is it because it is not being built by the NDP that it is being opposed? A person that wants to be a leader needs to show that he or she is able to lead, come up with ideas and be able to support any project to build our country and its people regardless of who or which party does it, because it is for the benefit of all Vincentians. Opposing is not leadership neither is there any benefit in it. Lucifer was a heavenly angel closest to God, but he opposed everything that God set up, even his laws, and he wanted God’s power and position. He set out to do so by any means possible, at all costs to get this power. He set out to try to break God’s kingdom down and to destroy humans and nations. Sorry, I have to say this to you, but that is the way you are showing yourself to be. Lucifer opposed everything God did and God ended up casting him out of Heaven and he became satan the devil, opposing everything. So I am asking you to be wise because you will end up breaking your own self down. People will begin to see you that way and please stop fooling and feeding on the minds of those that do not like to read or listen for themselves. I find that you are doing this a lot on the people that lack knowledge. For the love of God I am asking you to stop this foolishness.

Which road are you going to take, the opposer to everything that is good or is it one of nation building and the uniting of all Vincentians? Choose wisely by the Grace of God.

Choose Wisely