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Editor: Please allow me space in your paper to congratulate a true go-getter and achiever.

I was filled with joy when I read Patmos Richards’ article in the Vincentian Newspaper, dated January 4, captioned: “Wayne Matthews defying the Odds.”{{more}}

Let me personally say congrats Wayne Matthews on your LLB (Hons) achievement. I have known Wayne for all of my life. I was his senior at the Adelphi Secondary School. His age somewhat has a question mark, but I am certain I am the elder.

However, that is not the importance of this article. I know my friend Wayne “Golo” Matthews, as he is an earthly man.

Golo is the father of ambition. Looking back, he helped me on my parents’ farm; he worked hard on many village roads as a youngster; he braved the rough seas to head gravel; and he travelled far and wide on banana days to fetch his dollar.

Undoubtedly, he knows every piece of banana plantation in the Popwell and Darlo mountains and many more in Congo Valley. Despite hardships he never wavered in his quest for academic excellence and always believed he can be what he wanted to be. In our heyday in school he was branded the names “Mathematician” and “Oiler”; some called him “Pythagoras”. He was arguably the best at mathematics throughout the entire school.

Today, I am proud to reminisce my old long standing friend “Golo” and to salute him on his achievement: WAYNE MATTHEWS LLB (Hons). Remember the sky is the limit.