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The agony of defeat

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Editor: Those in the sporting discipline will know of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. It is just the same for those involved in politics.{{more}}

One of three things may happen to a person in a general election. First, there is the win-win scenario. Sweet is the victory!

Second, there is the’ win-loss’ or ‘loss-win’ scenario. In the ‘win-loss’ case, the candidate wins his seat but his party loses the election. This is not bad in itself, as that person may hold down a job as an elected member of the opposition in parliament for the next five years.

Or if he lost his bid for a seat, but his party wins the election, there is the likelyhood of him getting back his job with no loss of position or benefits, especially if he is a teacher, or he may be fortunate to get a senatorship.

Then third, there is the ‘loss-loss’ scenario! This is what interests me most. In this case, not only the person loses his bid for a seat, but his party loses the election. This double loss is the worst of the three case scenarios. There is so much to lose, as again in the case of a teacher. It has happened before.

In 2001, Mrs. Woods lost to Montgomery Daniel in the North Windward constituency, and her party lost the election. This lady suffered tremendously. In 2005 and 2010, it was Mr. Elvis Daniel who was unsuccessful in his two outings for his party which lost both elections as well. He, too, suffered embarrassment. Mr. Ken Johnson experienced the double loss as well in North Central Windward in 2010.

Editor, the point I am trying to make is this-a person employed in the public service must be very careful when offering him/herself as a candidate in an election. One needs to know the time and be able to read the signs. Some people come in at the wrong time and are fooled by the signs.

Such persons could spare themselves much pain and suffering, embarrassment and frustration if they first try to face reality and be more practical. There is too much at stake for someone like a teacher who puts his job at risk. There is the thrill of victory, as well as the agony of defeat.

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