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Parents, perform your God-given role!

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Editor: Parents, BOTH fathers and mothers, do you really know that it is your God-given role to train up your children in a godly way? I emphasise fathers since many of them have the misconception that rearing children is mothers’ job. (Proverbs 22:6; Ephesians 6:4) I ask the above question because based on my own personal observations, it seems as though MOST parents do not attempt to perform their role in properly training the children.{{more}} My observations include:

1. Children disrespectfully answering back their parents. I have time and again seen a parent express disapproval of a child’s conduct, while the child answers back in a rude manner, and so it goes back and forth between a parent and the child, as if the child were an adult. Yet, the parents tolerate such disrespectful conduct.

2. Schoolchildren using indecent language at school, on schoolbuses, in public, and doing so in the presence of schoolteachers, schoolbus drivers, and other adults.

3. Both primary and secondary schoolchildren smoking marijuana and displaying antisocial behaviours.

4. Children in general displaying a severe lack of good manners. They pass adults on streets not so busy and they do not have the manners to say “hello”, “good morning” etc. They do not say “thank you” for favours done on their behalf.

The above-mentioned indicates a GREAT need for parents to perform their God-given role. Parents, teach your children proper Scriptural values. If as parents you feel inadequate, or that you are limited in your education, seek the help of notable persons in society, maybe a guidance counsellor, pastor, someone whom you observe had success in raising his/her own children etc. Seek their advice on what you can do to train your own children properly. If possible, at times invite such ones into your homes to speak with your children. Visit schools, chat with teachers, schoolbusdrivers, and any other appropriate persons to find out about your child/children’s conduct. Please note: A child may be a “saint” at home but a “troublemaker” at school, on schoolbuses, or elsewhere.

So, parents, I plead with you. Please perform the role that God gave you: Train your children in a godly way, like Timothy mentioned in the Bible. (2 Timothy 3:15) Children, listen to your parents. (Proverbs 1:8), thus contributing to a happier family life and a much better society.