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We need a caring, loving society

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Editor: Suicide amongst children is now taking place. It is also present amongst adults. We tend to wonder what has been the problem when this occurs. A closer look at the homes and communities will reveal the reasons for this sad occurrence.{{more}}

The home should be a place of loved. The child ought to feel comfortable and loved. But often times these factors are not found in the homes. Many children grew up feeling unwanted and unappreciated simply because their parents prefer another of the siblings over him or her and so the reaction to that child is sometimes discriminatory. They see in the homes fighting, they hear abusive language and they experience abuse of various kinds rather than the correct means of discipline.

The television and Internet now replace communication in the home. The cell phone and iPod, too, have become a friend and companion. Parents no longer sit down and have a good old fashioned talk with their children. Children sometimes have no one to turn to, for parents are too busy to listen to them or can’t be bothered. Thus, they become lonely and frustrated.

When they have done wrong they are badly beaten, which puts fear into the child and does not aid in his or her development and aid in the correction of his/her ways. Parents no longer hug their children and tell them that they love them. Oh how we need to get back to those old days. A child needs to know that he/she has a friend in the home that he/she can turn to in difficult times and that he is cared for and loved.

The society, which should be a form of support, is often times not so. Gone are the days when we looked out for one another. Instead we have become so selfish and proud. Every one seems to only care for him or herself and not for anyone else. No wonder many are felt that they live in a world all by themselves. This, of course, contributes to a person’s desire to commit suicide, since that person feels as though no one cares and no one loves. Thus, life for that person has no meaning.

We need as a people to rebuild the homes where love and appreciation are part. We need homes where communication is present and discipline with love is meted out. We need a caring and loving society where every one looks out for the good of each other, then we will be able to minimize suicide amongst us and we will have a healthier nation.

Kennard King