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Pain has no colour so why look through tinted glasses?

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EDITOR: The time has come for Vincentians to look past the barriers, the political barriers, and see one another through the eyes of humanity, each one of us as a part of a global community, intertwined to weave a nation united on one foundation.{{more}}

It is time for us to tear down the wall of intolerance and unconscious prejudice and build a wall that will secure our children’s future.

It is time for our people to see past the colour lines of political greed and selfishness, be ambitious, and work hand in hand to heal this nation

The time has come for us to wake up and see that all the colours of the rainbow are important.These colors unite to fulfill a greater purpose to mankind, an eternal reminder of God’s promise to mother nature.

My people, the only colour that matters is the one that we all have in common. Stop looking at what divides us and start looking at what unites us.

The blood that sustains you and me, is not subject to party politics or racial castigation; it does not change to reflect our affluence or lack thereof. It merely exists to give us a chance for a better tomorrow.

In times of sickness and distress your blood can restore my health. When I cry you recognize my tears because they look just like yours. Colourless!….just like the wounds that we all share-colourless!

Pain has no colour so why should we see with tinted glasses of red and yellow?

No wonder God uses tools of Mother Nature to bring us back to the heart of what matters….

Environmental calamity is God’s way of wiping the slate clean and giving colours we all can appreciate; green for the trees that keeps us breathing, blue for the skies that assures us tomorrow will be better, yellow for the sun that drive away the darkness and, most of all, he gives us crystal clear waters so that we can see our reflections and know that in times of need we all look the same.

So, as St. Vincent and the Grenadines rises in the wake of Hurricane Tomas, may we remember that the colours that matter seek to keep us together, and not apart. Let’s put politics aside and help heal St. Vincent for generations to come.

Avis Roberts