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We have other bills to pay, too

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Editor: I am very aggravated and incensed about the monopoly of KARIB CABLE in this country. For a long time now, I have been wanting to vent my displeasure with this company’s prices and the ways in which it tries to pull a blanket over educated people’s eyes.{{more}}

I used to watch the cable tv on a very early version of a Samsung tv. With the introduction of the “box”, my tv, once perched on a pedestal in my house, has had to be thrown out, since it does not have the cable ports that newer versions of television have to be compatible with the box. I am now forced to spend several hundred dollars to acquire a new tv. Furthermore, if there are three or four tv sets in my house. I now have to purchase three or four boxes, for having one box would defeat the purpose of having three or four tv sets. Furthermore, there is a monthly charge applied on all of these boxes. On top of that, Karib Cable wanted to increase the monthly subscription cost for cable tv! My God! And the worst thing yet, when you go and pay off your bill, they are still giving you a receipt stating that you have a balance, when you haven’t even seen the month yet, much more to use cable. When will this madness stop?

We are not working to pay Karib Kable only. We have food bills, VAT bills, electricity bills, water bills, phone bills, school children bills, gas bills, transportation bills, and the list goes on. Please tell me, Editor, is the economy in SVG so good that we could pay for all of these bills when the month comes or is Karib Cable just plain greedy? Vincentians, please do something.

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