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Saving our marriages

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EDITOR: As discussed earlier marriage is divinely inspired and vitally important to the preservation of our families. As a people and a nation we need to become more affiliated with the issues that affect marriage and with the help of our creator work at solutions geared towards saving our marriages. Remember with God all things are possible.{{more}}

This article is one in a series in which we will begin to highlight five characteristics that couples must have before considering marriage.Couples must be honest with themselves and begin to ask themselves some serious questions when dating.

Do I have a spiritual connection with this man or woman with whom I am contemplating marriage?

According to the Chambers 20th Century Dictionary (1983) the word spiritual means of the nature, relating to spirits, the mind, the higher faculties, the soul.

The Webster’s English Dictionary refers to Spiritual as a vital force, mental disposition.Our choices must reflect what we value and more importantly when choosing a mate.The question must be asked, can I establish a relation between this person’s temperament or his inherited traits (Mental disposition).

When we talk about a person’s temperament we are referring to the combination of a person’s physical and mental characterics; mood.

Temperament influences everything a person does and is the most powerful influence in a power’s life. Thus you had better determine your temperament (or combination of temperaments) as well as your mate’s before considering living with each other for the rest of your lives in marriage.

Basically there are four temperaments, but a person can have a combination of any of the four basics.

i.The enthusiastic confident and inclined to hopefulness personality. We say this person has a full habit.

ii.The personality that is prone to be angry and becomes easily irritated.

iii.The personality that continues to have a depressive spirit. Is often sad and ‘sour’. Is often expressing his thoughts with sadness.

iv.The personality that is cold and sluggish. These persons are not easily excited. They have a sluggish calmness about them. They also show sluggish indifference. Nothing seems seems to be important to them. They are slow and lazy to act, even though something is important.

Bearing this information in mind, can one see themself as a confident and enthusiastic person relating easily to one that always have a sad and depressive spirit? What will be each other’s approach to problem solving in the home? What will be each other’s approach to child rearing and discipline in the home?

Remember each other’s temeperament can either make or break a relationship.You will want to study your partner to determine if their temperament or inherited traits compliment yours before going into marriage.

Consider this, the enemy is waiting on each couple to make a misguided ‘hook up’ so that he can work on that weak link to destroy the marriage.

Next issue we’ll continue to highlight the other chracteristics that couples must have before considering marriage.

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