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Teenager speaks out on SVG Politics

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Fri, Oct 8, 2010

EDITOR: As politics in St. Vincent and the Grenadines heats up, the public is left to question the ability of both parties to take the country forward. The question one always asks him or herself is: “Is a change in political powers in the best interest of the country?”{{more}}

The campaign trails of both parties have begun as there are two travelling caravans, one red and the other yellow. One caravan has verbally sent a message to the public which no one wishes to take to a miss understanding platform, as its policies have indeed warmed the hearts of every Vincentian. The Unity Labour Party (ULP), the first caravan on the trail, keeps a strong advocatory debate for progress and continued development of youths and the country as a whole. The other party continuously leaves the audience of SVG dazzled with their ambiguous statements of contradictions.

In a recent NDP public meeting, a member of their ‘esteemed-ready now’ candidacy slate ensured that the party’s policy of ‘VICTIMISATION’ comes to the fore. On the 28th of September 2010, the president of the party ‘tried’ to reassure the people of St.Vincent and the Grenadines that this is not coherent with the NDP’s policies. I am, therefore, left to ask the question which will play on every Vincentian’s mind: “Who should we believe?” Furthermore, I also want to ask: “Why is there someone slated as a candidate on the NDP’s camp who has conflicting objectives?” Questions, questions, questions! I seriously would not like to believe Burton Williams would have been speaking what is the “intended” plan of the NDP…although that, too, is undoubtedly questionable.

The ULP is continuously emphasizing its plans to ensure a better SVG. The party’s plans for the youths, the backbone of the country’s future should not be overlooked. The philosophy of the ULP which the NDP criticizes so very much has proven to take SVG out of the slums of poverty as proven by the statistics of the country’s poverty levels, where more than half of the country’s “indigent” poverty has been cut.

In recent times also, we have questioned whether or not the change Vincentians called for is the best for the country and its economy. Last Friday, Kingsley Defreitas opened our eyes to the question of whether or not the change is needed. He said: ‘Everyone knows I am an NDP supporter.’

He made note that he doesn’t agree with precisely everything done by the Prime Minister (something of human nature), but he recognises ‘his track record’. The hallmark of the ULP’s existence he made sure to highly emphasize, including: Education, Housing, Reclassification, Increase of minimum wage (twice), Training of Vincentians for the regional and international market, Airport development, Buccament project and health care for the elderly. He made sure to state that ‘Every time one hears the NDP on these issues it’s all criticisms. These aspects that the ULP put together are for the benefit of Vincentians.’ He also asked a question which indicated something to me. He asked: ‘Why change something for nothing?’


He was as frank and as blatant with his words as every Vincentian should be. He continued to highlight the party’s connection with regional and international bodies. Something I wish to bring to the fore, however, is something Vincentians should listen to, especially as it protrudes out of the mouth of an ‘NDP SUPPORTER’, is the fact that he said in the SEARCHLIGHT of last Friday: ‘When it comes to leadership, Dr. Gonsalves is miles ahead than Eustace.’ That came directly after he asked: ‘Could Eustace rise to the occasion?’

The people have to pay attention to the politics or the ‘politicks’ of the NDP CAMP. Their need for power creates corruption in their camp, which leaves the country to feel like a two year old being pressured to understand the concepts of math…puzzled.

Leadership of the NDP is questionable. Is the PRO the head or is it Papa Mitch or is it Mr. Eustace? The unsatisfied ‘supporter’, however, beckons for Mr. Lewis to be head….The tale of corruption continues as the saga of leadership questions unfolds in the NDP camp. Is that the reason they pressed for a swift election directly after the referendum? I think they didn’t want their supporters, as Mr. Defreitas, to falter in their belief in the party due to their lack of ‘secret keepers’- in the case of Burton or in the fall out of Dinky from their slate.

Dinky steps out, Burton squeals and Defreitas is left to ‘wonder’.

Vincentians vote based on facts. I also urge all to vote in the next general election as you can influence the government of SVG!

19-year-old Citizen