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Church Come up Hither!

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EDITOR: First, I wish to gratefully thank this newspaper for giving me the opportunity to share with you.

Believers of our nation, it has been a while since we are dwelling comfortably on one level in Christ. The Spirit of the Lord is saying to the Church of Jesus Christ to Come up Hither in the realm of the Spirit. The Kingdom of God is about progress in the Spirit. It’s about higher heights, deeper depths and new dimensions in the Spirit. Church, we are too low in the Spirit. Step up in Standard. Let’s take a careful look at the word “church”.{{more}} The word “church” comes from the Greek word “ecclesia”, which means “called out”. God has called us out to demonstrate the Glory of the Father in our nation. God did not create us to be camouflage with the world. We need to stand out in SVG.

Church, if we spend our time doing worldly things we will eventually resemble the world, thus there will be a shadow of darkness over our church. The Holy Spirit is saying to the Church: “Detach yourself from the things that blind you from seeing my mysteries and deafen you from hearing my voice”. God wants the Church to become so attached to his anointing and so detach from the world that we resemble His Kingdom. If we listen to the warning of the Holy Spirit, we will avoid many difficulties and snares. The Lord is speaking. Are we in tune with the Spirit? He who has ears let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church… Allow God to give us back our spiritual ears so we can hear. We have to train our spirit to follow hard after the will of God.

Church, hear ye the voice of the Lord: “Arise and take your place in this nation”. God knows your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive but it is as though you are dormant. Within you are gifts, calling and talents that have been weakened, pressed down or held back. Wake up and strengthen your inner man by the Spirit. Why are you sleeping? If we do not wake up, the enemy will sneak up upon us and create havoc in our lives. For too long we are dormant! In these last days God is calling together a church that has gone beyond the outer court. We must push our way into the Holy of Holies; then we shall see the manifestation of God like never before in the history of the church.

“Come up hither to receive revelation” (Rev 4:1). A revelation is a fact that was a secret and now made known. Isn’t it such a blessing that God wants to show us heavenly things? Yes, it is a divine blessing for an all wise, all knowing and all powerful God to uncover and reveal his will and manifest His plans for your life. God wants to usher the Church into deeper realms of the Spirit, to receive tremendous revelation, but it’s our choice to be obedient to his call. God wanted to bring Israel into the Promised Land that was filled with milk and honey, but it was a choice. Noah also had a choice but he obediently answered the call. Are we going to answer the call today? Coming up higher requires spending more time in God’s presence Praying and Fasting. We can attain a place in God that is higher than our problems, giving us a divine perspective beyond the natural. The higher that you go is the more revelations that you will receive.

There are millions of things that God wants to share with the Church, but at this level we won’t be able to see. In the Spirit Realm the church is like a space shuttle at a certain altitude and is at a stand still. What is hindering our progress in Jesus? We hinder the Spirit by failing to spend time with God and communing with the Spirit. God wants the church to go beyond a surface relationship. We need to have an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. Church, if we resist the Holy Spirit, he will withdraw himself from our presence with a broken heart. Today while he is still longing for our love and fellowship we wound him through ignorance and rebellion. Please! Don’t wound the Spirit. Before destruction comes warning. Take heed to the words of the Lord.

In Conclusion, Church, I am pleading with you today not to let your fire go out. Continue to Blaze in the Spirit. God wants to release his Spirit in a mighty way but we need to get Clean before Him. He can’t pour new wine in old wine skin. As a space shuttle, we need the fire of the anointing to cause us to reach new dimensions, new realms and new altitude.

The higher you get is the more you shall see the Glory of Jesus. Will you be obedient today and submit your life fully to Jesus? There is more that God requires of us!

Orey Craigg
[email protected]